Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

What is DBT?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) has been a beacon of hope for those struggling to regulate their emotions. Crafted by Marsha Linehan, this evidence-based model is effective in transforming lives of individuals who suffer from intense emotions.  DBT is a highyl effective methods to help gain control of behavioral responses, reguate emotions, strengthen relationships and regaining purpose. Our goal is simple: to help you build a life worth living.

DBT Skills

Dialectical Behavior Therapy focus on developing four key skillsets for managing emotional and mental instability:


the practice of being fully aware and present in this one moment

Distress Tolerance

how to tolerate painful emotions without acting in destructive ways

Interpersonal Effectiveness

how to ask for what you want and say no while maintaining self-respect and relationships with others

Emotion Regulation

how to stay in control  and regulated while experiencing a range of emotions

What are the components of DBT?

DBT Skills Training Group is focused on enhancing clients’ capabilities by by allying DBT skills to their dilay lives.

DBT Phone Coaching gives clients “in-the-moment” advice on how to effectively cope with difficult situations in their everyday lives.

DBT Skills Training Group is focused on enhancing clients’ capabilities by teaching them behavioral skills.

DBT Consulting Team is meeting of DBT therapists to ensure they  are adhering to DBT prinicples for best treatment outcomes

How Long Does DBT Last?

We offer two DBT programs:

Our Adult Program lasts a minimum of 8 months.

Our Teen Program generally lasts between 4-6 months and involves groups for both teens and parents. Click below for more information on teens.

Teen Program


While most of our group participants are enrolled in our full DBT program, we have recently opened up group spots to clients with outside therapists. To view all of our group options please visit the link below


Getting Started

Enrolling is easy. The first step is to schedule an initial assessment with one of our DBT therapists. To do so you may call our office at (316)272-0077 or schedule a 15 minute virtual appointment with a therapist. Visit the link below to schedule.

Schedule Here


Our Traditional Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program is a covered treatment under most insurance plans subject to copay and deductible. We also have self pay options. Please check with your insurance carrier  for coverage. WE can help process out-od-network benefits if needed.

What if I can't attend the full program?

We aim to be flexible with a person's schedule in order to make treatment as available as possible. In some instances we may adapt treatment depending on the need and level of acuity. In certain instances we may consuct group-only DBT or individual-only DBT. Please visit our group page for more information about group offerings.



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