DBT for Teens & Families

DBT for Teens and Families

Our teen DBT program offers hope for teens grappling with destructive behaviors stemming from intense emotions, and parents who are lost in how to help. Our skilled therapists create a validating environment where teens and their families can find solace, support, and practical skills to foster independence, build strong relationships, and regain behavioral control.


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions with an intensively trained DBT therapist offer weekly opportunities to explore emotional patterns and apply skills to daily life. Teens benefit form a nonjudgmental environment to identify patterns in eahavior and work toward change.

Our DBT therapists are all intensively trained be Behavioral Tech Institute and are skilled at balancing a fun & nurturing environment while tackling difficult topics and accountability.

Group Therapy for Teens & Parents

Group DBT therapy offers a classroom-like atmosphere where a facilitator teaches DBT skills in an approachable manner. This environment enables teens to support each other while learning these skills efficiently and in a fun environment. 

Similarly, parent groups focus on utilizing DBT skills to assist parents in regulating their own emotions amidst challenging behaviors, fostering collaboration among parents facing similar challenges.

Parent Coaching

Parents benefit from one-on-one sessions with a skills DBT coach to assist them in utilizing their own DBT skills to regulate their emotions while addressing challenging behaviors. These sessions offer a validating and nonjudgmental space, with an emphasis on helping parents regain confidence in themselves.

Additionally, it serves as a platform for obtaining support for the range of difficult emotions that arise when parenting a child with intense emotions and destructive behaviors.


IS DBT Right for my Teen?

Teens who struggle with regulating their emotions may have behaviors such as self harm, rage, disordered eating, or substance use. Some teens in our program may struggle with depression, isolation, poor peer relationships, and anxiety. Any of these may indicate that DBT is an appropriate treatment option . The defining factor that ensures success is a willingness on both the part of the teen and the parents to actively engage.

When are Group Times?

Please visit our group page for a current listing of group offerings. Our teen groups are usually held after school, and parent groups are currently online. Click the link below to be directed to the group page.


What is the Cost?

Individual and group therapy for teens is often covered by insurance, but this varies by insurance and therapist. Our parent services are not covered by insurance and are considered an out of pocket expense. We hold a few scholarship openings each year for parents who would otherwise not be able to attend our progam.

Getting Started

The first step is to schedule an assessment with one our DBT therapists to determine if DBT is the right fit for you. To schedule an assessment you may call our office at (316)272-0077 or schedule a brief 15 minute virtual call with one of our DBT therapists. Click one of the links below to get started.