Our Approach

We recognize the profound impact of community support on both learning and healing processes. We offer an array of group education and therapy sessions tailored to meet diverse needs.

Take a closer look at our offerings by scrolling through all of our options below.

Group Offerings

Groups are heald in-person and online. Scroll down to check schedules, location, and registratino info.

DBT Adult

Our DBT groups are open to adults and teenagers looking to deepen their use of Dialectical behavior Therapy skills.


Our teen groups are a great opportunity to learn coping skills in a supportive environment with others who have similar experiences.

Parents & Families

Parent groups welcome all seeking better parent-child relationships, particularly beneficial for those with children facing emotional or behavioral challenges.


*Coming Soon* These groups are valuable for individuals seeking to enhance social skills and improve overall quality of life. 


Mondays at 6pm with Kristi -ADULTS

Mondays at 1pm with Alyssa- Young Adults

Tuesdays at 4pm with Helen-TEENS

Tuesdays at 5:30pm with Sarah (ONLINE)-Adults

Who Can Attend

Our DBT groups are open to both individuals enrolled in our comprehensive DBT program and those with outside therapists. Anyone wishing to enroll in our groups must  first have an assessment with a DBT therapist. Participants must commit to actively engage in group, attend regularly, and remain in regular individual therapy throughout the course of group whether at our office or elsewhere.

        DBT Adults         
DBT Teens & Families

Parent Group Schedule

When: Saturdays Mornings at 10am

Where: Online

Hosted by: Sarah Post, LSCSW

Cost: $150 for 4 weeks

(scholarships available)

Registration Link

Who Can Attend

For parents aiming for stronger connections with their children, our group offers a supportive and nonjudgmental space to enhance parenting skills. Join us ONLINE on Saturday mornings. Relax at home with a cup of coffee as you learn how DBT skills can boost your confidence as a parent, particularly if you’re navigating challenges with an emotionally or behaviorally complex child or teenager.

Our group is tailored for parents of children with emotional and behavioral challenges. We focus on cultivating mindfulness in parenting and teaching techniques to regulate our own emotions to effectively model for our children. Additionally, we learn strategies to manage challenging behaviors and foster stronger relationships with our children .

*This group is a great addition to our teen DBT program.


All of our groups are $50 per session.  Some of our groups are covered by health insurance, but this varies by carrier and therapist.

Getting Started

To start in any of our groups you must first schedule an initial assessment with one of our therapists. You can start by calling our office at (316)272-0077 or schedule a 15 minute virtual consultation.