Functional Medicine Assessments

What is a Functional Medicine Assessment?

Our functional medicine specialist will listen to your concerns and ask questions that shed light on any addtional issues or concerns.

Often  our assessment includes a physical exam to assess for any physical signs of deficiencies or signs of excess that may be supporting disease in your body. This may result in ordering additoinal tests to see how effectively your body performs on a regular basis.

What types of tests are involved?

Four of the most common tests we perform to evaluate your body's responses are:

Hormone Tests

show if your body is releasing optimal amounts of hormones to support your energy, mood, sexual health, brain clarity, bones, focus, energy

Thyroid Tests

demonstrate if you are producing the proper levels of thyroid hormones to support mood, energy, weight, skin/hair/nails, brain clarity, and more

Food Sensitivity

uncover an unhealthy gut and foods that are contributing to brain fog, bloating, constipation / diarrhea, IBS, weight gain, and more

Lipid Profile

assesses if you have the type of cholesterol molecules that lead to cardiovascular disease

Why you need a Functional Medicine Assessment:

In light of its whole-body approach, a Functional Medicine Assessment and its recommendations can help prevent illness, help you to improve your current state of health, help to maintain your current weight, improve your immune system, and ensure you are getting enough sleep.

Getting Started

The first step to getting started with an FM assessment is to schedule an appointment with one of our specialist.

To get on our list please call or message us using these options: