Family Support & Parent Coaching

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One-on-One Coaching

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Coaching offers a chance to receive personalized support from a seasoned professional with extensive experience working with families in the mental health field. Each situation is unique and your coach will develop individualized goals based on your needs. Sessions last around 50 minutes and can delve into various topics such as:

  • Staying in control of your own emotions
  • Improving communication strategies
  • Setting Limits
  • Reducing Guilt
  • Behavior Change Strategies
  • Encouragement when you are feeling lost

Virtual Courses

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These 4-week online courses are designed to help parents and families learn effective skills to improve communication, manage emotions, and build stronger relationships with their loved ones.

During this interactive session, a therapist experienced in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) will guide you through practical strategies that can be applied in everyday life. Whether you’re dealing with challenging behaviors, big emotions, conflicts, or simply want to enhance your parenting skills, this event is for you!