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DBT Intensive 4-Week Program

This intensive outpatient program lasts for four weeks and is led by Sarah Post, LSCSW.

During this time you will receive training in DBT skills  much more quickly than the

traditional option. Sarah has over a decade of experience in DBT and has created and

supervised two DBT programs in Wichita.  She is intensively trained by Marsha

Linenan's group at Behavior Tech.

Who is this program good for?

  • People with significant emotion dysregulation and impulsive behaviors

  • Those who need an extra level of care but want to stay out of the hospital

  • People ready to work hard and make significant change in their lives

  • Those able to dedicate a significant amount of time and energy into treatment which means taking time away from work or school to attend appointments.

What's Included


Program Dates

Session 1: January 9- February 6th 2023

Session 2: April 2023

Session 3: July 2023 (teens only)

Session 4: October 2023

For more information or to enroll please email Sarah Post, LSCSW at sarah@monarchks.com

Therapy Session

Pricing and Insurance

The DBT Intensive program is fully self pay. This is because insurance companies do not cover all the services provided in this program. Rather than cut out necessary components of the program to appease insurance companies, we have opted to forgo insurance in the interest of the most evidence based  care.

Cost of program is $3000 separated into two payments on the 1st and 15th days of the program

Only 7 people are allowed into the program during each session. Sarah devotes the entire 4 weeks to these 7 clients alone to provide the most attentive treatment.

You will be provided a statement which you may submit to your insurance company. If your plan has out of network coverage you might be reimbursed for part of your investment.

Yes, HSAs are accepted!

DBT has been shown to significantly reduce the overall cost of mental health treatment because it is short term and reduces the likelihood of hospitalizations which generally cost  between $8,000 and $12,000 per hospital stay.