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Laura Aronis, APRN

Functional Medicine Specialist




Rock Road

A Bit About Me

I believe that our physical health and our mental wellbeing are intricately interwoven, and we cannot truly heal one while neglecting the other. I am passionate about helping people find balance, regain their energy, and discover the incredible power within us all to heal.

I am a nurse, a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, and have also trained in Functional Diagnostic Medicine. I use a functional, or integrative, approach to help you achieve your health goals. Functional medicine, simply put, means optimizing how you function- not just treating your diagnosis. It is highly personalized based on your own unique situation. It dives deep to find the root cause of your illness and prioritizes natural methods to address them- such as nutrition, lifestyle changes, and supplements targeted to your specific needs. It takes a comprehensive approach, there is rarely one cause of illness which means there is not one magic pill that will “fix” it. Finally, functional medicine is cutting edge,] using the latest in research-supported lab testing, prescription medications when appropriate, and clinically supported interventions that can help you get your health (body, mind, and soul!) back.


Whether you are interested in alternatives to medications for your anxiety, depression, or insomnia, have more complicated and chronic health issues, or simply want guidance with nutrition or lifestyle changes, I am excited to partner with you and help you meet your goals.

Your first session with Laura will take approximately 1 hour and will include:

  • Assessment of full medical history

  • Assessment of full mental health history

  • Education about integrative treatment

  • Individualized treatment plan tailored for your specific health goals

  • Laboratory testing

  • Follow up plan

Getting Started


Initial Evaluation $200 for 60 minutes

Follow Up Appointments (20+ minutes) $100

Follow Up Appointments (40+ minutes) $200

*Laura Aronis, APRN is an Independent Practitioner and not affiliated with any other provider